Celebration of the Swedish Holiday Midsommar

This summer I was able to participate in the celebration of Midsommar, a whimsical Swedish holiday that marks the advent of summer (typically celebrated in the month of June). During this time, Swedes don wildflower wreaths, dance around the maypole, and drink special ciders.  Though I was not physically part of the celebration (quite unfortunate) I was able to sample some delicious Swedish cider, thanks to my friends at Rekorderlig. 

The Rekorderlig team sent through a colorful package providing me all the fixings to craft the most perfect cocktail. The cider itself, sweet and crisp, was an excellent choice for the hot summer season. Garnished with a lime and over ice, the drink was refreshing and crafted thoughtfully (with a good balance of flavors). 

Though hard to find in the States, I would highly recommend searching for Rekorderlig products- you won't be disappointed!

In Boston, Rekorderlig cider can be found at the following locations: Bell and Hand Tavern, Cheers of Boston, The Wild Duck, and Mast Boston.