Five Things You Didn't Know about Double Chin Café


Although you may feel like you grew a double chin after indulging in the many decedent dishes at the Chinatown café - the restaurant name is actually a play on words. Double Chin is owned and operated by two sisters, Gloria and Emily Chin. Thus, the name Double Chin is representative of the sisterhood duo. Clever, huh!

In addition to the witty restaurant name, the Chin sisters also use clever puns to name a majority of their dishes. For example - the Poutine Your Mouth dish and the Matcha Ma Call It (after the Hershey candy). 


The menu at Double Chin is representative of Gloria and Emily's childhood memories and favorite foods. Wanting to be different in a presumably unvaried market, the sisters decided to take a unique spin on Asian cuisine and enhance traditional dishes - a cuisine they call modern-Asian or new-Asian. This new flare is certainty showcased in each plate. A great example is their skillet mac n' cheese, which uses wide rice noodles (rather than traditional macaroni) and has bacon and scallion bits incorporated into the roux white cheese sauce (a blend of mozzarella cheese and cream; topped with cheddar cheese shreds). The dish is topped with panko breadcrumbs for extra crunch (panko is used in tempura). 


The decor at Double Chin matches the funky Modern-Asian flare. The café is designed to resemble Gloria and Emily's childhood home- with bright pastels, book shelves, and wall cabinets adorned with fun toys and trinkets. The café also has its own photo booth - the back drop being a wooden swinging chair wrapped in green vines. You simply click the 'start' button on their free-standing camera, and wait for the countdown. Say Cheese! 


Double Chin understands the importance of social marketing and 'Insta worthy' eats. On their menu, you will see a small camera icon next to plates they deem 'Insta worthy'. So, if you are a fan of food grams, you will appreciate this feature. 


Finally - I promised you I'd reveal what is pictured on my Instagram feed. I'm sure none of you can even imagine the components that make up this dessert. This toppling tower is one of Double Chin's most talked about sweets- the cube toast. Double Chin offers this dish in four different renditions. The base of the dish is a hollowed out brioche loaf filled with ice cream (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, or green tea...your choice). The ice cream stuffed brioche is topped with warm red beans (depending on which rendition you order), matcha milk, and pocky cookie sticks. The dish is heavily garnished in cubed fruits (blueberry, mango, strawberry), corn flake cereal, and mochi bits. This is a MUST TRY.

Lucky for you, Double Chin is open until 4am every Thursday through Saturday - plenty of time to fulfill your cube toast craving! 

Visit their website, or follow them on social media for more information (@doublechinbos).