Going Loco for BOGO at Pokeworks Boston

Everybody loves sushi; fact. Everybody loves a tightly packed, meaty burrito; fact. Combine the two and you've got a force to be reckoned with.

Pokeworks, located on Elm Street in Davis Square, is first to bring the new sushi-burrito craze to Boston... and for that we are forever thankful.

After plowing through the always anticipated wait line (not to worry, the line moves fast) you will find yourself gazing over a large counter of numerous fish bases, edamame, seaweed, kale, mango, crab salad, pickled ginger, garlic crisps and MUCH more. Similar to the dining concept of Chipotle or sweetgreen, you have the option to create your own poké or choose from a pre-set menu. So, for you first timers that are #fearless... have at it. If you are like me and would prefer to first get your 'sea legs' (no pun intended) in a new cuisine space... pick from the pre-fix.

Regardless, your options are endless…

PSA: This Saturday, January 28, Pokeworks is hosting a BOGO sale, meaning for every poké burrito or bowl you purchase, you will get a second for free! During the event there will also be gift card giveaways and a raffle.

Stuck trying to figure out your weekend plans? I think I just figured them out for you…

So, whether you go nuts creating your own concoction from the countless mix ins, toppings, and crunch factors, or choose from a more carefully constructed pre-fix menu you can't go wrong. Either way - you are guaranteed a fresh and delicious meal at Pokeworks Boston. Hurry in and sea for yourself.