November Tech Digest: Boston's Newest App Makes Dating and Dining Easier

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What's the best place for a date in Boston?

Date Seat has your answer! Available for iOS, the free app allows users to search a list of closely reviewed restaurants by categories and characteristics. Inclusive is the ability to filter restaurants by lighting, interior decor, proximity from other tables, noise level, attire, etc. - perfect for the average Joe looking to fulfill his/her dating requirements when dining in Boston. For those who are looking for something quick and easy, users also have the ability to select restaurants by category such as: 1st date, classy date, casual date, NFL Sundays, and many more! This app solves the problem of “where should we go out on a date?”.   

Date Seat was created by Michael Laskowski and Jake Hajec, two 24-year-old Boston entrepreneurs. Hajec and Laskowski made time after work and during weekends to visit hundreds of restaurants, collect the data, and worked with freelance designers and developers to turn their visions into a reality. Date Seat launched on August 15, 2016 and has thrived in the Boston market, beating estimates by nearly 300% in the first month in the App Store. It’s easy-to-use interface and unique restaurant finder differentiates themselves from competitors like Yelp and Zagat.

“Restaurants in Boston usually thrive for their great service and excellent food,” said Hajec. “But what we’ve done is taken the customer experience to the next level by allowing people to filter on atmosphere and ambiance.”

Laskowski and Hajec announced the expansion of Date Seat to Portsmouth, NH and Newburyport, MA during mid-September, and additionally, spoke about the expansion to a 3rd city during the Spring of 2017. A group who reportedly tested the product found it to be very accommodating and gave positive feedback about tapping into a new dining/dating scene.

“Our users agree that we’ve tapped into a niche market,” Laskowski said. “While there are many blogs and apps out there for food, we’ve taken the time to shape our data in a way that’s useful for people and solves a problem.”

Throughout the next few months into early 2017, Date Seat is planning on multiple city takeovers as they grow their team in their first year. Currently, they’ve assembled a team of nearly 15 people in their first 4 months, and expect to increase this number to over 20 people ending Summer 2017. Inclusive in this are bloggers, freelance designers, interns, and a multitude of additional business operations positions to be added to the team.

If interested in blogging, an internship, or applying for any other open positions, please visit their website at, or, email Mike at