October Tech Digest: Check Splitting Woes Eliminated with MealShare App

The complications of splitting a restaurant check and the new Boston-based iPhone application that's setting out to erase them.

As you all know, I constantly strive to keep you up to date on new trends, hacks, and groundbreaking tech updates in the food and dining industry. I am very confident that the mobile app, MealShare, will benefit a vast majority of you. 

We have all been there before. You are enjoying a wonderful evening with friends or family over dinner and drinks. Lost in the laughs and stories is the hefty check you are accruing. When the meal concludes and the server brings you the bill, the list runs long with drinks, appetizers, and entrees. Paying for the meal just got complicated.

MealShare was designed with these problems in mind. Because of it, you can now dine out with friends and family, and not worry about the pain and awkwardness that comes with splitting a check.

Here are some of the issues that arise when splitting a restaurant check without MealShare and how the app benefits both restaurant-goer and restaurant alike.

1. Splitting the check down the middle never works out

It is never a surprise that the person who wants to split the check equally ordered the most expensive steak and helped themselves to several more drinks than anybody else. This enables those who decide they want to dine out on everybody else’s dollar.

MealShare allows the user to assign and split meal items every possible way. This holds everybody accountable for what they order. Stop paying for somebody else’s expensive taste.

2. Beware of cheap-skates

There is a strong chance you have a poor tipper at the table. This person uses bad math as an excuse when somebody calls them out for not paying what they should.

MealShare ensures that tips are calculated proportionally, so that each meal-goer pays x-percentage of their individual subtotal. Servers will get accurate and deserving tips.

3. “7 credit cards? OK, be back in 30 minutes.”

A larger than average table can be a nightmare for servers. If they allow you to split the check a number of different ways, it usually comes at the expense of time as they have to process every card individually.

When a user checks out with MealShare, the party can leave in a matter of minutes thanks to the app’s integration with Venmo. Using the app also allows servers to use that extra time to cater to their other customers, instead of hanging them out to dry while processing multiple credit cards.

These are only a handful of MealShare’s lifesaving benefits. If you are already using Venmo, there is no excuse to not use it the next time you are dining out with a group. 

The app is available for download in the app store. You can also learn more about the app on their website. 

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