January Tech Digest: Fine Dining on a Fast Casual Budget


We constantly lust after pictures of fresh wagyu and tempura rolls on social media (aka 'food porn'), yet the harsh reality is that most of us go night after night eating yesterday's leftovers. 

It’s just not sustainable to spend money and time eating out on a consistent basis. If we could, we would.

Well, now you can, by way of an app called VocoLife.

VocoLife, which officially launched this past fall, is an iOS/Android mobile app designed to make dining out less of a luxury and more of a habit. By partnering with over 75 restaurants in Boston, VocoLife users receive anywhere from $6-$20 instantly to their wallets after every reservation they book. So, you can have a relaxing sit down dinner with friends for the price of a fast casual meal.

What is better than that? The fact that VocoLife pays your bill automatically through the app. Think Uber, but instead of hopping out of Xavier’s 2004 Toyota Camry, you’re walking out of Genki Ya the second you finish your Super Dragon Roll, only to receive your receipt via your phone. No more waiting for the check. The tip is automatic and the bill can even be split multiple ways (so you can edit who pays what, especially handy for that one stingy friend we all know we have...). Pretty cool, right?

I’m really excited to see VocoLife grow across Boston, and soon, New York. Already, they work with tons of Boston favorites like Red Lantern, The Friendly Toast, The Butcher Shop, SELECT, Doretta Taverna, BISq, and Shojo. 

And a fun fact for all of you fitness buffs: VocoLife recently broke into the fitness industry, offering single classes without the premiums and commitments required by apps like ClassPass.

Seem to good to be true? Try it for yourself! Use my code, TBFJ, for $10 towards your next VocoLife booking.

VocoLife is really changing how we see and enjoy restaurants, for the better. For more information look them up on the iOS app store!