We create opportunity using the impact of social marketing in the food and dining industry.


BRITTANY DICAPUA, FOUNDER In 2014 Brittany graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a degree in biomedical/cellular engineering. With a knack for management and entrepreneurship, Brittany decided to seek out careers that allowed a fusion of science, technology, and business. She has spent about four years working as a digital / software project manager in the greater Boston area.

Eager to practice entrepreneurship and flex her creativity, Brittany built The Boston Food Journal (BFJ) in October 2015. The BFJ is a social media marketing platform leveraged by restaurateurs and business owners in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and New York.

Through extensive market research, self-education, and special attention to industry trends and best practices, she has been able to build The BFJ into a well-known brand reigning over 20,000 social followers in less than two years.

Each day she surrounds herself in the digital world, utilizing knowledge of project management, digital media, and engineering to identify new social strategies and social tactics. 

Follow her personally on Instagram at @britdicapua

JAMES TALLIS, INTERN Currently a junior at Boston College, James Tallis is a new intern with the Boston Food Journal. A Chicago native, James made his way east to Boston and has loved every minute of it since he stepped off the plane. His passion for food, drink, and fitness means he’s constantly in search of the perfect balance between indulging in great tasting (and looking) food and leading an active lifestyle.

A self-proclaimed people person, James loves to spend time with friends and FaceTime with family spread out across the country. In his free time, you can find him on a bike at SoulCycle or watching baseball (okay, actually The Bachelor much of the time) with a buffalo chicken sandwich and gin & tonic in hand.

Follow him on Instagram at @jamesjeffrey_tallis

ABAGAIL SULLIVAN, INTERN Abby's a Northeastern grad and current content marketer in the health-tech & wellness sphere. She's a longtime lover of all things delicious - with an additional adoration for writing, traveling, and petting her dog Charlie. Abby believes food and drink brings people closer and she finds value in all details of each dining experience - from chef to table to tum. She is a genuine advocate of spreading the word of good grub, mostly bopping around in life until it's time to eat again. 

Follow her on Instagram at @abagailmeegan

MELISSA BARON, WRITER Melissa is the newest edition to BFJ. Following her lifelong passions of both food and fitness, she got her bachelor’s degree in health and exercise science from Colorado State University and her master’s degree in nutrition communications from Tufts University. While her day job is in healthcare public relations, you can bet she’s talking about food, fitness and balancing the two every chance she gets. It’s about time she channeled it into something more productive (and her coworkers will thank her). Look for her weekly column, The Weekly Digest, on BFJ every Sunday! 

Follow her (but don’t judge her handle) on Instagram at @myspiritanimalisahippo